Organic Maui Tuberose Enfleurage

Organic Maui Tuberose Enfleurage

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Called Flower Enfleurage oil, our Organic Maui Tuberose (Kupaloki) is carefully grown in the cool Maui upcountry mist on the slopes of Haleakalā.

This sweet and powerful oil is capable of aligning all of your chakras.  Tuberose opens the heart to raise compassion and activates the right side of the brain fostering creative inspiration.

The oil is prepared using the traditional “enfleurage” method. This involves hand selecting and gently placing hundreds of fresh flowers in jojoba in a special temperature controlled glass apparatus where the scent is allowed to diffuse into the oil over the course of two months. Spent flowers are replaced daily with fresh ones until the oil has reached a desired degree of fragrance saturation (usually 90 days or more).

** This oil was prepared in jojoba and is intended for use on skin.  It will not diffuse well in water diffusers.   

Organic Flower Enfleurage


Maui Tuberose is sweet, delicate and soft. We suggest using the Tuberose oil by placing 2-3 drops anywhere on your body (especially your heart chakra, back of the neck, and pulse points) or 3 to 4 drops in damp hair.

** This oil was prepared in jojoba and will not diffuse well in water diffusers


Organic Hawaiian Kupaloke flower "Tuberose" (Polianthes tuberosa) and Organic Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis)