Our Values & Ingredients

‘ĀINA Hawai‘i Botanicals was established to offer friends old and new from around the world an opportunity to experience pure ingredients from Hawaiʻi.  There are so many incredible agriculture projects happening in Hawaiʻi and around the world, we want to offer you the best and purest.

We work together with our local artisans engaged in teaching and learning through the land in a way that directly allows the people, communities, and lands of Hawaiʻi to thrive.  We honor the Hawaiian teaching of stewardship at all times;

He Ali'i Ka 'Āina; He Kauwā ke Kanaka (The Land is Chief; We are its Servant).

We love to share the knowledge of these amazing products and we invite you to contact us anytime with questions.


Basic Values

We are respectful in all our work and wish to offer you a great experience as a guest and as a customer. 

We never use any synthetic chemicals or fragrance of any kind, ever.  This sometimes limits our production but we work with natural cycles.

We never use any chemical preservatives. 

We never test on animals but we do test on our human friends and all of our products are lab tested to ensure safety. 

We reduce our use of plastic and support programs to stop the flow of new plastic into the ocean. 

We guarantee all of our products 100% and offer a refund up to one year after purchase if you are unhappy for any reason, we just ask that you not use more than 25% of the product when you return it to us.


To offset the oxidization that can occur over time (the reason preservatives are needed), we use a special bottle made of ultraviolet glass by Miron Glass in Switzerland that filters all UVA, UVB, and UVC light.  Offering similar protection to being stored in metal but without any chemical interaction.  We find our lotions to be shelf stable for up to one year and body oils for two or more when stored in temperatures below 64 degrees.  Lower temperature reduces oxidization. 

All of our boxes and notecards are printed from 100% recycled materials and we minimize our use of plastic and harmful inks as much as possible.  We are evaluating options for using plastic from sources such as Social Plastic for future projects to help stop the flow of plastic into the worlds oceans.


Thankfully our friends and family are very excited to test our products on themselves, so we never test on animals.   

All of our products come from nature and have been well tested in everyday conditions.  Shelf stability testing is performed in a laboratory that simulates extreme storage conditions to help us ensure the products we offer are safe and reliable over time.


Pure from the plant, never any preservatives or solvents  

Hawaiian Coffeeberry® Coffee Fruit Liquid Extract from Kona, Hawaii 

Hana Gold Cacao from Hana Maui, Hawaii